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Federal Drug Crimes Attorney

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Federal Drug Crime Attorney in Miami, Florida

While all states have their own drug laws, most drug crimes could potentially lead to federal prosecution. A federal prosecutor is most likely to file charges when a defendant is accused of manufacturing a controlled substances and then trafficking these drugs for sale across state lines.

That being said, even smaller, non-violent offenders can face notoriously harsh penalties. If you have been charged with a federal drug crime, you need to act now to avoid life-ruining, maximum penalties, and to navigate your case to the best outcome possible.

Why call our Miami federal criminal defense lawyer?

  • FREE defense consultation to review your options
  • Former prosecutor in your corner
  • Over a decade of legal experience
  • Florida Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ - only 2.5% of Florida attorneys make this cut

Federal drug laws were created to destabilize entire drug empires, but even first-time offenders can suffer the same devastating penalties, regardless of their associations. No matter how complex your charges are, we are ready to fight for your rights and your freedom!

Click here to contact us at Seltzer Mayberg, LLC to discuss your defense options: We are available 24/7! Se habla español.

Federal Drug Trafficking Penalties

The sentencing guidelines for federal drug crimes are vast and complicated, varying according to the amount and type of drugs and any aggravating factors.

As an example, here are a few federal drug trafficking sentences:

  • At least 10 years' prison for a first-time charge with 1kg+ heroin
  • Min. 20 years' prison for 5kg+ of cocaine and a prior conviction
  • Life in prison for 1,000kg+ marijuana and two prior convictions

Whether you have been charged with drug importation and exportation, possession, or distribution, you could easily be looking at decades in federal prison. Discover what your potential defenses could be when you call Seltzer Mayberg, LLC today!

Get the Top-Rated Defense You Deserve

Our Miami federal drug crime attorney knows how hard these federal penalties can hit defendants that the law was not even meant to target. With our insights honed over more than a decade of experience, we are prepared to ensure that our clients' charges are reduced or dismissed.

Call (305) 707-7770 today for your FREE case consultation with our Miami federal drug crimes lawyer!

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