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Facing Federal Charges? You need the highest level of defense on your side. Learn what crimes are considered as white collar. In the News

Florida White Collar Crimes Attorney

White Collar Criminal Cases

A white collar criminal case generally refers to a non-violent offense involving a type of fraud, such as bankruptcy fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud and health care fraud. Intricate interstate schemes involving large sums of money are typically charged as a federal offense, or both a federal crime and state felony. Seltzer Mayberg, LLC is a veteran criminal defense firm that has represented many clients accused of white collar crimes, and can answer any questions you have about your case. Attorney David Seltzer is former Miami-Dade Cyber Crime Prosecutor, and has extensive state and federal court experience. He was named a Super Lawyer 2010 Rising Star and has a rating of excellence from Avvo. A Florida federal crimes lawyer at our firm can provide you with the vigorous representation you will need if you have been charged with white collar crimes such as credit card fraud and other fraud accusations, in addition to bribery, computer hacking, counterfeiting, embezzlement and extortion. We can also assist you with RICO charges, and arrests for insider trading, money laundering, public corruption and Florida Communications Fraud Act (wire fraud) offenses.

White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Florida

Have you been accused of committing a white collar crime? Federal white collar criminal cases are extremely serious and will require legal representation by a knowledgeable federal criminal defense lawyer. The government will often investigate a white collar case for many months before formal charges are filed. Once an indictment has been issued, the prosecution will work non-stop to achieve a conviction. They will be able to draw on unlimited resources to prove their case, and will do everything they can to find you guilty.

The attorneys at our firm are well-versed in federal laws and procedures, and have considerable experience trying complicated cases. We know how to investigate and prepare for a federal trial, and have our own extensive resources that can be used when building your defense. We will not automatically pursue a plea bargain unless it is your best option. Our legal team will fight to protect your rights and freedom every step of the way, and will provide an unrelenting and hard-hitting defense. Our firm can be reached 24/7 and offers a free, confidential consultation where your case can be discussed in detail. Please contact us if you are in legal trouble and need assistance.

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Contact a Florida white collar crimes attorney for qualified legal advice and skilled representation if you have been charged with a white color crime.

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